August 26, 2019 9:00 am - August 31, 2019 5:00 am Eagles Wing Ranch, Meanook, AB, Canada

NEW! Horse & Rider Balance Through Bodywork – 7 Person 

August 36-31, 2019

This truly unique clinic will bring myriad benefits to both horse and rider by helping you and your horse achieve better balance through expert assessment and hands-on adjustments. Josh’s own observations, along with those of the extremely talented equine chiropractor Deanna Niwa and the equally outstanding Rehabilitative Manual Practitioner Brooke Bouquot, will pinpoint areas of physical tension and imbalance in each horse & rider pair. Sessions with Deanna and Brooke will work to adjust and release problem areas, while one-on-one lessons with Josh will teach you how to use your aids to best keep the new-found balance and freedom of movement you will be experiencing.

  • 7 person format Day 1: Assessment/observation of horse & rider, followed by Josh working the horse as the rider observes.
  • Day 2: Adjustments for the horse by equine chiropractor Deanna Niwa, and adjustments for the rider by Rehabilitative Manual Practitioner Brooke Bouquot
  • Day 3: Individual lesson with Josh followed by any additional adjustments needed by Brooke or Deanne.
  • Days 4-5: Individual lessons with Josh working on defining and refining your aids based on horse & rider balance.

Cost of adjustments by Deanna and Brooke are separate and paid based on the amount of work necessary. Work with Brooke is $50 per session and work with Deanna is $100 per session. 

Contact Information:

Host: Cathy Nichol

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 780-689-7399

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NEW! Horse & Rider Balance Through Bodywork - 7 Person - Call For Details $350.00 GST

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